Eko Wellness Fair 2022

Join us at the Eko Wellness Fair 2022!

The today we are living in, is full of many twists, turns and curve balls. The past two to three years in particular have been very stressful for the whole world and us as a nation. We know that things are not going back to the way they used to be. We have all changed and are still changing and lets be honest, city living is stressful! The question is, how are you handling the stress? How is your body handling it? How is your mind handling it? How is your spirit handling it?

Stress in a natural and regular occurrence in life. And so, it’s not always bad. We need stress to grow, to birth new things, to be challenged, to be creative. The issue is how do you respond when stressed? Does your body or lifestyle go out of balance? Do you lose sleep? Put on weight? Have physical aches and pains. Have high blood pressure? Do you get anxious, angry? How are your relationships? Do you have good energy? Do you have positive thoughts?

How are you responding to stress?

Come learn how to keep your balance at the 2022 edition of the Eko Wellness fair. We have a festive showcase of ways to destress and practice living healthier and keeping balance here in Lagos. From rest spots for your much deserved city breaks that wont break the bank to a photography contest and exhibition themed Garden Visitors for our budding urban gardeners and photography enthusiasts.

Save the dates, and plan to participate and attend!

23rd - 29th May 2022. – Virtual, pop up city events and 2 days of all things wellness at our first physical Eko Wellness fair in 2years! We are very excited to be bring you:

  • Immersive therapy sessions
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Workshops with holistic African wellness practitioners
  • Short film contest in partnership with Africa film Academy, the curators of the AMA-Awards, Rootflix and Inshort Film festival
  • Photography exhibition in partnership with Noan, Association of organic agriculture practioners of Nigeria, Lagos chapter.
  • Shop healthy 9jer brands & products

Virtual events will be broadcast on our website, YouTube and Facebook pages.

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Eko Wellness Fair… Africa’s Largest and Fastest Growing Wellness Festival.

Entries for the short film and Photography contests are now open, sign up here.

Wellness vendors, kindly register here!

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The Eko Wellness Fair

The Eko Wellness Fair started as a healthy food fair in March 2017 with 10 participating brands.

We have since grown into an annual community event that connects holistic practitioners and wellness product providers domiciled in Nigeria with the Nigerian public.

Through this platform, we give health conscious enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and experience locally available wellness products and services.

Fair visitors also get the opportunity to interact freely with locally based and accessible wellness practitioners, take part in workshops whilst picking up strategies that help improve their quality of life.

The platform also serves as a growing ecosystem for holistic practitioners, preventative health services and products within Nigeria and other African countries.


Practical Sessions
Immersive experiences
Healthy Cooking demonstrations
Online shopping of Healthy Food
Directory of wellness
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Lagos State, Nigeria

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