Join us at the 2021 Wellness Fair!

1st - 7th of May.

About Us

About Eko Wellness

We are a community of Wellprenurs; Allied Wellness businesses who offer a variety of nutritious food and wellness products and services that promote Healthy Living to the Nigerian public.

Our vision

Improve life expectancy

By making relevant wellness, tools and products accessible to the Nigerian public.

Contribute to the preventive and public health of our communities

By providing relevant wellbeing enhancing information and events – that help the public connect the dots between lifestyle and quality of health and wellbeing.

Curate a wellness ecosystem

Making access easier for all.

Eko Wellness Fair

Join us at the 2021 Wellness Fair!

Was 2020 a difficult year for you or your loved ones? It was for us too! Join us and many African based holistic Practioners and Wellness businesses’ to discover local solutions that help to manage daily stress and boost our mental health and wellbeing.

The fair will hold on the 1st of May to the 7th of May (as part of Lagos States' Mental Health Month) with a focus on My Mental Health Matters; For Our Collective Prosperity! Now, more than ever, we need to make wellness a priority.

Attendance is free..!

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Our Story

The Eko Wellness Fair

The Eko Wellness Fair started as a healthy food fair in March 2017 with 10 participating brands.

We have since grown into an annual community event that connects holistic practitioners and wellness product providers domiciled in Nigeria with the Nigerian public.

Through this platform, we give health conscious enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and experience locally available wellness products and services.

Fair visitors also get the opportunity to interact freely with locally based and accessible wellness practitioners, take part in workshops whilst picking up strategies that help improve their quality of life.

The platform also serves as a growing ecosystem for holistic practitioners, preventative health services and products within Nigeria and other African countries.


Practical Sessions
Immersive experiences
Healthy Cooking demonstrations
Online shopping of Healthy Food
Directory of wellness
Health & Wellbeing

Fair Schedule

Day 1

10-10:20 AM
Opening remarks from the Honorable Commissioners of Tourism and Health

10:20-10:35 AM
Float Therapy by Float therapy Lagos

10:35-11:05 AM
Menthal Wellbeing, Mental Health: What is the difference and how to cope by Lagos Mind

11:05-11-20 AM
Cooking Demo by Bola of Veggie Victory

11:20-11:35 AM
Breath Work by Oyin Talabi

11:35-11:45 AM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

Day 2

4-4:15 PM
Storytelling: I Survived Covid by GET Africa

4:15-4:30 PM
Cooking Demo by Saphie of Safi Living

4:30-5:00 PM
The Effects of Covid, Pandemics, Lockdowns On Our Mental Wellbeing by Dr Margaret Ojeahere of GET Africa

5-5:15 PM
Breath Work by Sarah Boulos

5:15-5:30 PM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

Day 3

12-12:15 PM
Reflexology by MyST Mobile Spa

12:15-12:35 PM
How Food Affects Our Emotions and Immunity by Uyok Hanson of Truliving Africa and Carol Cookey

12-35-12:50 PM
Cooking demo: Freda of My Burnt Orange

12:50-13:00 PM
Strecthes by Tobe

13:05-13:20 PM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

Day 4

12-12:15 PM
Origanmi session Tobi of Arts In Medicine

12:15-12-45 PM
Mental Wellbeing In Relationships by Dr Esther Malm

12:45-1 PM
Cooking demo: Yvone of Bon Delice

1-1:15 PM
Breath Work by PJ Okocha

1:15-1:25 PM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

Day 5

12-12:15 PM
Start a garden Grow your Ugwu by Sisimi of Ope Farms

12:15-12:30 PM
Strecthes by Babatunde of Lifelong fitness

12:30-1 PM
Farm to Table. The journey of our food, from seed to our plate by Mrs Sowemimo of Ope Farms, Saheed Adams (NOAN), Mr Vincent, PJ Okocha

1-1:15 PM
Cooking Demo by Zesty Jucie

1:15-1:25 PM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

Day 6

12-12:15 PM

12:15-12:30 PM
Breath Work by Folakunmi Phinero

12:30-1 PM
Your Super Power - Build Resiliance by Dr Joshua Awesome

1-1:15 PM
Cooking demo by Zoe Alakija

1:15-1:25 PM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

Day 7

12-12: 15 PM
Strecthes by Oritsema

12:15-12:45 PM
Herbs and Mental Wellbeing by Duchess Nena

12:45-1 PM
Strecthes by Truppr

1-1:15 PM
Foot Detox by Venivici Spa

1:15-1:25 PM
Short film screening on Mental Health by AMAA

1:25-1:30 PM
Vote of thanks


What is Wellness?

Wellness is the cornerstone of a life of quality.

It determines how we ultimately look, feel, interact with others and thrive in life and work.

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.

Living a healthy and wellness focused lifestyle in our fast changing world can be a challenge.The landscape is however changing as more individuals are becoming more proactive about living a healthier lifestyle and more are also seeking alternative and holistic care for aliments.

The wellness movement is still in its infancy in Nigeria and Africa at large . However, for our industry to grow and positively impact the our nation and continent, we need to be a voice for it and make it more mainstream i.e accessiable to the masses.

The two popular start (and sometimes end) points for a lifestyle change are Exercising and Nutritious eating habits.

However, Wellness is much more than this…

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Pillars of Wellness

We have seen a rapid increase in lifestyle ailments and a return to the truth that disease is actually DIS- EASE – a lack of ease (balance) in the internal systems of the body brought on typically by an in balance from the external environment and a weaken immune system. The future of healthcare is Lifestyle medicine : Self care


Faith, Love, Purpose, Core values, beliefs.


Clear headed, Intellectually challenged (we are what we read, listen to and watch), focus.


Praise, Self worth, Social support, Relationship.


Food, Water, Sleep, Movement, Shelter.



Lagos State, Nigeria

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Boosting Your Immunity Holistically

Our immune system is our internal defense army and it operates holistically in all three dimensions of our being- body, mind and spirit.

Covid-19 is an attack not just on our physical immunity but one that has tested us to our very core, showing up what we have inside us.

Physically, our state of wellness and health.
Mentally, our mental resilience.
Spiritually, what we truly believe in.
All in all, our Immunity….

This ebook is full of practical things you can try to boost your immunity in all three dimensions.

Stay well and stay safe!

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